Your kid will start thinking logically and act as a coder. Your Kid will become Super FuGen Kid who knows latest technology like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Program is designed in such way that kids age 10 years and above will be able to understand the concept in fun and interesting manner. Super FuGen Kid will develop Android App, Website, and Understand Robotics at circuit level and explore Artificial Intelligence and machine learning through various projects. It evolve your kid into high degree of Logical thinking. Learner gradually upgraded towards text based coding from block based coding and gives instruction to the computer.

Suitable for

  • o Grade 5 to 8 or 11 Year to 14 Year
  • o No previous knowledge required


  • o Laptop or Desktop with webcam
  • o Internet connection

Benefit to Learner

  • o Will be able to website
  • o Will be able to make Mobile App
  • o Understanding AI through Projects building
  • o Building Projects Machine Learning based
  • o Exploring Robotics at circuit level
  • o Text Based Coding understanding
  • o Exposure to computational thinking and Logical Thinking
  • o Able to design projects
  • o Able to develop 21st Century Skills

Other benefit

  • o You will be awarded certificate
  • o Get your website
  • o You will get Free access of Online Test Series App which has1300+ exams where you can practice for any exam you want to like Olympiad, School Tests, IIT JEE, NEET, Govt Exam.
  • o You will Get Coin that you can redeem in your next enrolment
  • o Opportunity to upload App on Google Play store
  • o Access to International Competition.

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